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This procedure helps you to install Search Autocomplete module from scratch. To know how to update or upgrade versions, please check updates and upgrades.
  • Place the entire directory in sites / all / modules / search_autocomplete or in the equivalent directory of your Drupal installation.
  • Navigate to administer >> build >> modules. Enable Search Autocomplete.
  • Configure your new module (check next page Module Configuration to see how).
If you're having trouble installing this module, please ensure that your tar or zip program is not flattening the directory tree, truncating filenames or losing files. If trouble persists, please create an issue at: https://drupal.org/project/issues/search_autocomplete

Updates and upgrades

This procedure helps you to update Search Autocomplete module from a version to another, regardless if its a minor or a major update. Beware that a minor update will not modify your settings while a major one will. Since major versions breaks the API and module usage, their are currently no specific upgrade path.  After any major upgade, you might will have to re-configure your module.
  • Download the latest version compatible with your Drupal Core at https://drupal.org/project/search_autocomplete
  • In your sites / all / modules / search_autocomplete or equivalent directory of your Drupal installation, remove every files.
  • Unzip the latest version you just downloaded and place everyfiles in sites / all / modules / search_autocomplete or equivalent.
  • Navigate to <yoursite>/update.php and run the update script.
  • Check your settings and re-configure your module if necessary (check next page Module Configuration to see how).
This warning only concerns people not using the module out-of-the-box, ie when you have custom forms or custom views building you suggestions : for instance, people using an external URL callback as a setting, or people using a personnalized views to populate suggestions.
On versions before 4.x, both update and upgrade can lead to custom configuration lost or custom configuration changes. Please don't forget to read the version notes before updating.
Example when updating from 7.x-3.1 to 7.x-3.2 :
For version 7.x-3.2, callback URL have to end with <yourURL>?yourfilter=
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