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Configure forms and suggestions on version 2.x

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Deprecated : This documentation is let here for legacy. 2.x branch is outdated, you are highly encourage to use the last available module version.
Navigate to Search Autocomplete admin page :
- For D6 at : admin/settings/search_autocomplete
- For D7 at : admin/config/search/search_autocomplete.
Click on the configure link of the form you wish to configure.
You are now redirected to admin/settings/search_autocomplete/%/configure. Let's describe the various configuration settings available :
  • HOW
    • Minimum keyword size: The minimal number of character the user should enter in the form before autocompletion starts. (Note: an AJAX request is sent the first time suggestions are needed. For instance when the user enters lor, suggestions such as lorem or lorinum are retrieved using AJAX. If the user then completes with e, only lorem is kept in suggestions but the filtering is done using javascript, no more through the AJAX callback. Suggestions are also cached to limit the number of AJAX calls.)
    • Number of search results: The number of suggestions you wish to be displayed during autocompletion.
  • WHAT
    • Activate: Choose the suggestion types you wish to be activated for this form using the tickboxes.
    • Prefix: Choose the prefix for each suggestion types. This prefix will appear in the suggestions. For instance, let's suppose you have a suggestion type to suggest products you are selling on your website and another one for recipes. You can prefix products with "buy: " and receipes with "recipe: ". Therefore, when a user enter tom, he can be suggested with "buy: tomatoes" and "recipe: cheese tomatoes".
    • ID selector: don't use this unless you know what ou do. See advanced configuration.
Save configuration. Excepted the advanced options, all your settings have been duplicated to every child forms.
Congratulation, your module is configured!
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