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New in v1.x

  • Offers integration with Search from Drupal core. Autocompletion can be set to:
    • Search Page content search form
    • Search Block form
    • Theme Search Form (no more existing in Drupal 7).
  • Suggestions come from the search_index table. In other words, it can be any word appearing in your content.
  • Autocompletion is made through Drupal Form API capacities (misc/autocomplete.js), in other words it enables the Drupal core autocompletion.
  • Choice of the number of characters to be input before autocompletion suggestions appears.
  • Choice of the number of suggestions to display.
  • Suggestions can be sorted: naturally (none), alphabetically, by keyword score or by keyword relevancy.

New in v2.x

  • Use a standalone jquery plugin for autocompletion providing more settings, such as coloration, highlighting, caching, etc...
  • Forms to autocomplete are individually configurable.
  • Advanced users can add their own forms to autocomplete whatever they want! Fields to autocomplete are therefore targeted using jquery selectors.
  • More types of suggestions to display are available:
    • words (any word in your site)
    • node titles
    • comment titles (if optional module comment enabled)
    • taxonomies (if optional module taxonomy enabled)
  • Each type of suggestion is prefixable (to indicate your user what the suggestion stand for)
  • Advanced users can define their own suggestions providing an SQL query.

New in v3.x

  • The module Views can be optionnaly used to build suggestions list.
  • A Views plugin allows to create suggestions from Views UI.
  • Suggestions can be provided though View, internal or external URL, or as static resources.
  • Multiple skins are provided for autocompletion display and users can add their own ones.
  • Suggestions are translited to allow a user input "foo" to display also suggestions like "foô", "föo", ...
  • The user is now redirected to the page according to his suggestion choice.

New in v4.x

  • Suggestions now support multi-fields rendering : a suggestion can be made of a node title and the number of comments in the node for instance.
  • Suggestions now support grouping: various suggestions node titles can be grouped together by content-type for instance.
  • Suggestions now support HTML entities, thus can be complex type.

Yet to come

A previsional roadmap would be :
  • allow grouping multiple views in suggestions
  • turn Search Autocomplete to a hookable module to let module contributors using its functionality and add their foms and suggestions from code.
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