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Add a suggestion type on version 2.x

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Deprecated : This documentation is let here for legacy. 2.x branch is outdated, you are highly encourage to use the last available module version.

Add a suggestion type

The "Add a suggestion" button also does exactly what it says: it let's you add a new suggestion type to every forms in the module. Once saved, this suggestion type will appear in the WHAT section of every form configuration page.
  • Title: a human readable title that will appear for this suggestion type in the WHAT section of every form configuration page. It simply helps you to remember what every suggestion type does.
  • Dependancy modules (optional): the name of the module(s) this depends on. It has to be the machine name of the module. It should be the one appearing in the module page of your site.
  • Suggestion prefix (optional): the default prefix of this suggestion type. This prefix can be set differently for every form afterwards (see Configure your module).
  • Query: the SQL query performed to retrieve the suggestions associated with this suggestion type.  It has to end by :
    • In 6.x-2.2 version:    LOWER(attribute) LIKE #
    • In othe versions :     LOWER(attribute) LIKE LOWER('%%%s%%') .
Example of the "Add taxonomy name" suggestion type.

Delete a suggestion type

To delete a suggestion type, you have first to click on the "configure" link of a form in the module main admin page as if you wanted to configure a form. Choose any form, this does not matter. In the WHAT section, you will find the list of suggestion type available. Just click on the "delete" link to delete the form. A confirmation will be ask. Be sure you want to delete the suggestion type: this operation can't be undone. Moreover, the suggestion type is entirely and completely deleted for every form.
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