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Advanced Configuration

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Advanced configurations overview

Advanced configurations helps you to add new forms to be autocompleted and new suggestion types to use.  To use these advanced settings, you need :
  • To add a form : to understand what is a selector (CSS and/or jquery style)
  • To add a suggestion type :
    • On version 2.x : to know the basics of MySQL query syntax.
    • On version 3.x : to use the module Views
Please don't use those features if you don't know what you are doing. Of course, you can ask for help at Search Autocomplete issues support. The community can help you to create forms and suggestion types. Moreover, you can ask for some to be added as default suggestions in the next release.
Add a form and Add a suggestion type

Add a form

The "Add a form" button does exactly what it says: it let's you add a new form to be autocompleted by the Search Autocomplete module. All it takes is to know a css or jquery selector to target the form.
When you enter the creation form, only two elements are mandatories to enter:
  • Title: a human readable title that will appear for this form in the main module admin page. It simply helps you to remember what every form is in the list.
  • Selector: a jquery selector that aims to target the form.
    • In version 2.x : The first input HTML tag in the selector target will be autocompleted by the module: therefore, do not add input in the selector.
    • In versions 3.x and 4.x : The selector has to target the exact field you need to autocomplete. For instance : #edit-search-block-form--2 to target the default search block form intput.
Example of you could create the "Search Theme Box" form using version 2.x

Delete a form

To delete a form, you just need to click on the "delete" link in the main module admin form (yoursite/admin/config/search/search_autocomplete). You will need to confirm the removal because this operation can't be undone.
Every child of the deleted form in the hierarchy will NOT be deleted. You may have to check the new hierarchy to verify.

Add/Delete a new suggestion type

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