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Search Autocomplete Drupal module

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Welcome to Search Autocomplete online documentation. You should find here everything you need to know about Search Autocomplete module. However, if some questions of yours could not find answer in those pages, do not hesitate to post an issue.

User documentation

Find out more about each version features and what you can expect from this module.
- General overview
- Basic configuration: discover how to use the out-of-the-box default features.
- Advanced Configuration: discover how to add possible forms and suggestions types or how to override theme.
Discover how you could help to improve this module :
- Use this module, report issues and give me feedback.
- Help with the prose: I'm not a native, help me to improve the documentation quality
- Translate this module in your langage throught localize.
- Donate: dude, I'm just a human!
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